What is Overlanding? And why should I do it?

There are a wide variety of overlanding trips through Africa, but they all involve travelling in a group (usually between 10 – 30 people) with one or, more usually, two guides to help you along the way. Most of your travelling will be done in an overland vehicle, which will probably resemble something between a truck and a minibus, and you are likely to spend most of your nights in tents with the occasional night in a hostel or hotel.

It is my firmly held belief that overlanding is the best way to see a continent as large and diverse as Africa. By driving between the main points of interest you get the chance to see parts of Africa that you would never otherwise see, and it is a great way to challenge any pre-conceptions you may have of this amazing continent.

The back-to-basics approach provides a great sense of adventure but all the while you have the security of travelling with local experts and the safety in numbers of a large group.

Backpacking is the most popular way to travel in many parts of the world and whilst it is possible to backpack around Africa, the reality is that the infrastructure for travelling is not as developed in parts of Africa as it is in other regions of the world such as Europe or South America.

Overlanding takes away most of the stresses of planning a trip, and the tours’ packed itineraries combined with the operators’ relationships with locals make overlanding the best way to pack a lot into a relatively short space of time at a cheaper cost than you would otherwise have to pay if travelling on your own.

From the wonder of the Egyptian Pyramids to the beauty of Table Mountain via the plains of the Serengeti and the power of Victoria Falls, Africa is host to some of the world’s most awe inspiring places.

Wherever you have travelled in the past, trust me on this one, overlanding through Africa will be the trip of a lifetime.

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